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"The portraits are playing a leading role in art of Attila Fontányi. Those are made with wondrous precision. The female figures are very interesting. Apart from the sound the praises of womankind's beauty, they are study of light. Almost all also serves as a diffuse or projection of light showing."


                                                             (Patrial Chronicle-Ildikó F.Nógrády)



"The speaking images are the nearest to the artist from his last decades creations. Making these is thorough and exhaustive artwork. It is a long procedure of perpetual emotive and visual shaping. Finally the painting looks back at us."


                                                             (City TV)



"Attila Fontányi is an artist who is experimenting perpetual. He shows the world of his art with traditional artistic techniques, what often supplement with delicate wit and suggestive indications"                                                    

                                                            (Helyi Téma Weekly)



"These pictures radiant with very inward and familiar mood. They almost put us in a nostalgic mood, fill us with nostalgia for past and the infancy."


                                                           (Újpest TV)



"The creations Violin and soda and the Attic made an impression on me. Which have refined, sensitive and are imbued with lights, at the same time awesome are their realism and rich in details.

                                                           (Lujza M.Veres, art historian)



"The painting Grandma’ is worthy of remark. Fascinating is the tense of everyday situation and milieu. Apart from the nice figures heart-rending representation, here is a very specially composition. The door is like a question, it is ajar. The question is that the grandma’ opens or closes the door now. She comes and says welcome or takes leave of us …maybe for ever."   

                                                          (Mónika Bakos, culture organizer)  



"I am under the charm of your paintings... Violin and tea is sublime !"


                                                          (Christiane Guilleminot, France)



"The portrait painting Fanna's artistic skill and perfectionism made an impression on me. The figure is also magical, one would like to look into the book."


                                                          (Margarete Paulmann-Nisters, Germany)



About the painting "A violin and tea": "Amazing detail and the folds of the table cloth are exquisite. Wonderful composition choices."


                                                          (Joyce Godwin-Grubbs, IA United States)



"You're a realist Attila! And of course the work is excellent. Hungary must be proud of you. And yes I must try to come for a show to your country. God Bless and keep that good brush flowing."

                                                          (Prince Freakasso, India)



About the painting "Fanna": "Very beautiful work of art Attila. Talented angle of view to use on this piece. Excellent work with angles. Very powerful painting. Really intense smile and eyes. Amazing work with tone and shading. Awesome job with the wood and it's luster."

                                                           (Ken Day, WA United States)



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